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About Parkinson Pharma

Vision and Values
Each day, we work together to help create a healthier world in which everyone has access to the medicines they need, no matter who or where they are. Our passion inspires us and makes us thrive on the challenge of delivering a better, healthier and more affordable future for people across the world, leading us to live by key principles that will help make this vision a reality.

To Deliver Best Quality products and Services
Parkinson Pharmaceuticals are dedicated to developing and producing the very best medicines, based on decades of experience and expertise. Our associates are empowered to act on their own initiative and actively seek opportunities to capitalize on strengths, while leveraging savings.

A Passion that Always Keeps Us One Step Ahead
Our thinking and commitment to delivering the very best works to always keep us one step ahead, as we share in a passion to truly make a difference in people’s lives. But we do not stop there. We believe it is important to act responsibly and that doing the right thing always makes the best business sense.

Challenging conditions
Inherently linked to the historical and projected continuous growth of the markets in which PARKINSON is active are also challenging conditions.

The good growth opportunities thus attract intense competition. In addition, these markets are strongly characterized by regulatory influences. Because it is one of the central tasks of each country to provide as many of its citizens as possible with access to health care at acceptable cost. Therefore, the continuous increase in demand in the health care and pharmaceutical market leads to constant cost pressure in nearly all national health care systems, regularly entailing cost saving state regulation..

Continuous portfolio expansion
The continuous expansion of its product portfolio – visible in form of the high annual number of product launches within the Group – is a central success factor for PARKINSON, the objective of the Group’s development activities that are based on experience – also including the use of external development Business.

Continuous cost optimization
In this larger core segment, PARKINSON has a price-sensitive business model. Therefore, an important success factor of the Group is the continuous cost optimization. Within the framework of this ongoing cost optimization, one focus continues to be cost of sales. For reasons of flexibility and cost, PARKINSON has recourse to a flexible network of internal and external resources in the area of pharmaceutical, however, these are longer-term processes. With a view to the continuous cost optimization in the area of cost of sales, the Group will also continue these comprehensive transfer processes in the future.

Cost optimization potential can also be expected in the sales area. For fully developed national sales companies, the continuous expansion of the current product portfolio is frequently possible with the help of Sales capacities. This is associated with cost-reducing economy of scale effects. Furthermore, it is regularly assessed whether in case of changed demand mechanisms for Group products the sales capacity can be modified, adapted or reduced in the individual markets.

Cautious acquisition policy
In addition to PARKINSON organic growth, the Group’s cautious acquisition policy is the basis of the sustainable and successful growth course..

In view of the increasing concentration of processes in the industry, the Executive Board continues to see the opportunity, but also the necessity, to complement the Group’s organic growth with further external growth impulses. In view of this, PARKINSON will pursue an accelerated approach to acquisition. The Group will focus on the one hand on the regional expansion of business activities with concentration on high-growth emerging markets. On the other hand, the expansion and internationalization of the Branded Products core segment, which is generally characterized by better margins and less regulatory intervention