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Welcome to Parkinson Pharma

Leading the way in the development and production of differentiated, We Parkinson Pharmaceuticals was also to develop and market our shares and becoming a true pioneer in the field of medicines by offering these complex medicines, we are helping to make quality healthcare affordable for all patients and to rapidly increase in global healthcare costs.

Today we also believe that a local approach is instrumental to delivering them, allowing us to be close to patients, doctors and business partners everywhere in the world.

In this way, we provide medicines to patients, physicians and healthcare providers along the entire healthcare spectrum. Our medicines are already available in the various parts of the country and we are committed to further increasing global access to affordable healthcare.

We endeavor to make these medicines available to everyone, everywhere and our portfolio to develop, work hard and to reach globally. Parkinson Pharmaceuticals standing in the market to deliver high-quality at affordable medicines.

We support our clients to improve public health and promote access to medicines and innovation.

We work to achieve our business objectives responsibly and respond to our many Business Partners and understand their needs and concerns. We support policies that promote the discovery of innovative medicines and make these products available to all who need them.

To achieve this objective, we:
• develop our partners and guide them our Business activities.
• seek opportunities to adopt industry-leading standards in several areas.
• strive to communicate clearly and transparently about our culture.
• work closely with the many groups and individuals who are also trying to address the complex healthcare challenges that confront us.

From research and development to the manufacturing and distribution of medicines, and other products safety and quality are our first considerations.

We are committed to provide best quality products and demand equivalent standards from our suppliers to help ensure patient safety.

Some of our quality and safety system: Parkinson
• provide best quality medicines.
• continuously evaluate these systems in order to maintain quality standard with highest product quality.
• maintain strict quality standards and insist on the same from our suppliers and licensees, regardless of their location.
• have developed processes and procedures for the timely and accurate monitoring of the safety profiles and marketed products.

We Parkinson Pharmaceuticals Adhering WHO-GMP Quality Standards Medicines at affordable price We provide Finished Formulations in the Following Categories:



Our Products are well accepted in Various parts in India i.e. Medical Institutes, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinic etc.

We participate in Hospitals Tenders Floated by various Ministers of Health World Wide and we also undertake contract Manufacturing on Behalf of Leading Indian Parma Companies.

Should You happen to Visit CHANDIGARH please do not hesitate to inform us so that you have first hand information about us and you may also visit us at www.parkinsonpharma.com